Barricade Fence – Oval Mesh

Our orange Barricade Fence is now available with bright yellow CAUTION Tape! This orange barrier fence combines a diamond or oval mesh fence with three strips of laminated Caution Tape.

  • Provides a secure and highly visible enclosure
    with smooth edges top and bottom
  • Safety fence and caution tape in one
  • Enhanced visibility – two color brightness
  • Three stripe written warning says “caution”
  • Designed for trail and construction demarcation
  • Custom printing available

OBF 504 XY

4’ x 50’ (1.2 m x 15.2 m)
Oval Mesh | Yellow Caution

OBFL 4100 XY

4’ x 100’ (1.2 m x 30.4 m)
Oval Mesh | Yellow Caution


Features and Installation


Category: Construction and Safety